Welcome towards Consumer Community Wiki ! This Wiki is dedicated towards the OMNeT++ consumer community. Any person can edit these pages, while not any registration or password (attempt it inside the Sandbox !) Why did we produce this Wiki? We would like a spot to collect understanding concerning numerous simulation designs active. The actual subscriber list serves us nicely, however the level of posts is rising rapidly. Useful items of data tend to obtain lost inside the ocean, turning into exhausting to locate later on. In these pages we will distill and organize items of data, and along we will produce a valuable understanding foundation. A few queries are very greatest discussed in Wiki type. For any begin : by nowadays there is a puzzling large quantity of numerous mobile, ad-hoc and sensor simulation frameworks based mostly on OMNeT++. How perform they differ? How you can select from all of these? Do you know the experiences created along with one or another? Create on MobileAdhocFrameworks? about this ! New to Wikis?

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