Free Software Android Applications

We would like to list here all known Free Software applications that can be installed on Android devices.


Application nameDescriptionWebsiteApkMarketSourcesLicenseAPINote/Replicant Status
Desk Clock Clock  Desk Clock  apk  market  git
SayMyName reads out caller's name  roadtoadc
Lexmark About Lexmark inks  Lexmark ink cartridges
ZXing Barcode reader  ZXing
Openintents PIM applications(I didn't check all of them)  openintents /!\ WARNING not all openintents applications are free software,some have an EULA
SuperGenPass Password hasher  SuperGenPass  apk  git GPLv3
Wiki Dici Wiktionary  Wiki Dici
Coffre-fort Sécurité  coffre-fort homologué
Coffre-fort Sécurité  coffre-fort agréé
Armoire forte Sécurité  armoire forte ignifuge
APN  Apndroid
Spell Dial  spelldial
www http  2014
AstridTask recording  cheap flights to Lagos
android-metronome Metronome  android-metronome
ringdroid  ringdroid
SMS Popup  android-smspopup
mandelbrot Fractal Viewer  mandelbrot
CellFinder Cell Network Finder  CellFinder
geobeagle  geobeagle
CIDR Calculator  CIDR subnet calculator  CIDR Calculator
DiskUsage Disk Usage Viewer  DiskUsage
Contact Owner  Contact Owner
cyanogen-updater  CM Updater
pmix MPD client  pmix  apk Android 1.5+ Works with replicant
www http  2014
FBReaderJe-book reader (fbreader's port)  apk  market  zipGPLAndroid 1.5+Works on replicant
AnkiDroid Flashcard (spaced-)repetition  AnkiDroid  apk  market  git GPLv3 Android 1.5+
Mnemododo Flashcard (spaced-)repetition  mnemododo no  here GPLv2
Mnemododo Flashcard (spaced-)repetition  Damask Bedding no  here GPLv2
Tippy Tipper tip calculator  tippytipper  here Apache 2
Proxoid http proxy for Android  Proxoid [] Apache 2
android-wifi-tether Wireless Tether for Root Users  android-wifi-tether Apache 2
android-moderator A Google Moderator client for Android  android-moderator Apache 2
Pedometer A Pedometer for android  Pedometer GPL3
WebSMS web sms app  WebSMS GPL3
chrometophone Google Chrome to Phone Extension  chrometophone Apache 2 I am sure we can use it on chromium too but I see "Chrome to Phone is powered by the Android Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) service". Should we list this?
TomDroid note taking  TomDroid GPLv3
denglish german english direct translation  our website  market Android 2.3.3+
sprixer mixing german proverbs  market Android 2.3.3+
slizer create german slogans  market Android 2.3.3+
The Oil Gallery oil paintings of an artist  The Oil Gallery  market Android 4.0+

Also,  WordPlayer is a free-as-in-beer e-book reader that interfaces with the (free-as-in-freedom)  calibre e-book manager. Although it does not strictly belong on this list, the developer of  WordPlayer has  expressed interest in freeing the code if enough developers show interest in  bangun rumah sukabumicontributing.  Pinjaman Tanpa Agunan -  Info Loker Terbaru

Applications pack

Application nameDescriptionWebsiteApkMarketSourcesLicenseAPINote/Replicant Status
apps for android Various free software apps pack:  apps-for-android apps-for-android

News apps

Application nameDescriptionWebsiteApkMarketSourcesLicenseAPINote/Replicant Status
BBC News BBC News  BBC News Apache License 2.0. Source code is I  here under NewsWidget
NPR News NPR News (National Public Radio)  NPR News Apache License 2.0


Application nameDescriptionWebsiteApkMarketSourcesLicenseAPINote/Replicant Status
Yaaic IRC Client  Yaaic GNU GPL
Sipdroid SIP client  Sipdroid  apk  market  svn GPLv3 Android 1.5+ look  here for making it work with asterisk instead of the default provider
K9 Email Client  K9  apk  market  svn  Apache 2.0 Android 1.5+
Funambol Android Sync Client  Funambol Client for Android  apk  market  svn  aGPLv3 Android 2.0+
ConnectBot? SSH client  ConnectBot  apk  market  svn  Apache 2.0 Android 1.5+
Libredroid client  Release Blog Post  apk  market
Mustard client  Mustard
Denta client  Denta
Exchange OWA Mail client  ExchangeIt
yaaic IRC client  yaaic  apk  on github GPLv3
APG Android Privacy Guard  APG  apk  market  svn  Apache 2.0 Android 1.5+


Application nameDescriptionWebsiteApkMarketSourcesLicenseAPINote/Replicant Status
Tux Rider  Tux Rider can't find its license
Fire Taps music  Fire Taps GNU GPLv3
Missile Intercept action  Missile Intercept GNU GPLv3
Replica Island platform  Replica Island Apache License 2.0
Frozen Bubble Frozen Bubble port  Frozen Bubble  GNU GPL2
CuckooChess chess game  CuckooChess  GNU GPL3
Open WordSearch rod search game  Open WordSearch  GNU GPL3
GL ES Quake Quake port to OpenGL ES  GL ES Quake GPLv2
Doom Doom port  doom-for-android
Solitaire Collection  solitaire-for-android  Apache License 2.0
Robotic Space Rock Robotic Space Rock  Robotic Space Rock  Apache License 2.0
TiltMazes  TiltMazes  New BSD License
Scrambled Net  Scrambled Net  GPLv2 with LGPL components
Lexic  Lexic  GPLv3
Alien Blood bath  Alien Blood Bath  GPLv3
asquare  asqare  GPLv3
Android Puzzles  Android Puzzles  Expat License
Knave Arthur's Sword proof-of-concept 2-player augmented reality swordfighting (virtual swords clink when they intersect) OpenSourceTownLicense
robotfindskitten  robotfindskitten  apk  git GPLv3
Guess the Number A mind game for Android  Guess the Number Apache License 2.0
Line Follower Line Follower  Line Follower GPL3


Application nameDescriptionWebsiteApkMarketSourcesLicenseAPINote/Replicant Status
Androku  Andoku  GPLv3
opensudoku  OpenSudoku  GPLv3


Application nameDescriptionWebsiteApkMarketSourcesLicenseAPINote/Replicant Status
Scummvm Scummvm port Android 1.5+
Twistyz-machine emulator  Twisty  GPLv3


Application nameDescriptionWebsiteApkMarketSourcesLicenseAPINote/Replicant Status
OsmAnd Gps navigation program  OsmAnd LGPL Not supported under Replicant (we have no gps yet)
open-gpstracker A GPS tracking Android App  open-gpstracker GPL3 Not supported under Replicant (we have no gps yet)
GeoBeagle GeoBeagle: an Android app for geocaching and letterboxing  geobeagle Apache 2 Not supported under Replicant (we have no gps yet)
Andnav Gps navigation program  svn GPLv3 Android 1.6+ Not supported under replicant (we have no gps yet), was liberated Dec '09
MyTracks Gps tracking  apk  market  mercurial  Apache 2.0 Android 1.5+ No GPS on replicant yet
Mixare Augmented Reality Engine  apk_list  market  git GPLv3 Android 1.5+ Not supported under replicant (we have no gps yet)

The OpenStreetMap wiki has a  list of "open source" Android applications that support OpenStreetMap.  Tenda


Application nameDescriptionWebsiteApkMarketSourcesLicenseAPINote/Replicant Status
eyes-free text-to-speech library  eyes-free

Le Wiki Koumbit also has a list of  free/libre apps for Android.

 write my essay  Terpal

 maid of honor speeches  ultrasound education  Typing Speech checker *