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Replicant Wiki

News about the project is available in the  Replicant website. You are currently in the Wiki section, which is the user edited section - feel free to contribute by creating an account and editing pages now!

This section of the site is a wiki and as such anyone can edit the pages here. When doing so, please bear in mind that we are a  FREE SOFTWARE project.

Current phones

* HTC Dream * Nexus One

We are currently focussing on HTC Dream and Nexus One, for several reason:

  • Both phones have versions that permit the user to become root if he wants to: only a few phones comes with root privilegies, or a mecanism that permit the user to become root. (If you know about another android phone that comes with root by default please let us know on irc or mailing list.)
  • They are well supported in the AOSP(android open source project), that is to say, part of the hardware libraries are released under a Free Software license
  • The Replicant developers have either the HTC Dream or both phones.

Note that  T-Mobile G1 is no longer for sale.

If you own a different phone, adding support for it could be doable especially if your phone is very similar to what we support or you have full / partial hardware libraries source code.

Current Status By phones

Actually the best phone to run Replicant is the HTC Dream.

  • HTC Dream status: AndroidStatus
  • Nexus one status: preliminary evaluation of the port has been done, The initial sources need to be published and then the real work will start

Replicant source code

The Replicant source code is currently hosted  at gitorious. For the branch descriotion, see the Builds Howto

How to build and install Replicant

Htc Dream (replicant 1.5)

Htc Dream (replicant 2.2)

Nexus One (replicant 2.2)

Replicant Software Center - a libre market application

Replicant Software Center is a fully free software market application to download and manage free software apps on Replicant.

We are using the  FDroid client. You can also download a compiled libre apk  here.

By default it downloads libre apps from its own repository. We are working together with our friend Ciaran, main FDroid developer, on a Replicant repository.

Previously Graziano had its own repository for testing purposes:

We are focusing now on merging all these efforts.

List of Free Software applications

We're building a list of all known Free Software applications for the Android platform.

Libre software replacement for non free Google apps

* Google Market -> APKtor

* Gmail -> K9

* Google Maps ->  OsmAnd, AndNav?2 or OSMdroid or Navit

* Google Talk -> Sipdroid?

* Youtube -> works in replicant 2.2 in browser(uses the mobile version of youtube which uses rstp(no flash) )

* Genie Widget (also known as News/Weather widget) -> NEWS part: BBC News or NPR News. WEATHER part: ?

(OLD INFO) previous tentative to build a market app using SlideMe? 1.0 and codeJVending

  • We're working an a free software market for Android called FLOSS Dispenser based on SlideME 1.0CE.
  • FLOSS Dispenser is designed to work with JVending, an implementation of the J2EE Client Provisioning Specification.


We meet on an IRC channel, #replicant on

Mailing lists

Here's the  mailing list

GNU/Linux on the HTC Dream

The replicant project is no longer involved with stock GNU/Linux port on the htcdream, that doesn't mean that the port is not developed anymore, it just means that it's done in the SHR project rather than in the replicant one.

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